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Wealth Growth Segment
Textbooks teach that “it’s the CEO’s task to increase shareholders’ wealth”.  Most CEO’s are doing exactly that and mostly with success.   But what about the CEO’s own wealth ?  Strange as it may seem, we at B & C often see that a large part of the CEO’s family wealth hinges on a share option scheme or the value of the company.   Lack of time often is brought forward as an argument for not managing family wealth.

B & C provides appropriate counsel and through its Guernsey associate direct hands-on support in a broad spectrum of wealth growth areas including:

  • Wealth and financial planning.
  • Investment strategies and trends.
  • Investments and asset allocations.
  • Investment and economic market studies and assessments.
  • Commodity trends and investments.
  • Investment return analysis and evaluation.
  • Growth strategies.
  • Global market diversifications.
  • New global market identification and evaluation. 


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