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Global Executive Counsel

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Corporate Business Segment

Personalised tailor-made business, financial and wealth advisory service is the future for CEO’s and executives who wish to be given a true current and future perspective to their business’ needs rather than the classic investment banking or consultancy package product.

The combination of hands-on leadership and management experience and a thorough understanding of the world’s financial markets places B & C on the leading edge in helping CEO’s to interpret new information in an ever changing global environment.   B & C can help you understand why the market prices your company’s stock lower or higher than you think; or how professionals actually would value your private company; or explain why a Hedge Fund manager is shorting your company’s stock.  Then strategies to address these apparent discrepancies will be formulated.

A merger or acqusition sometimes fails not because of cultural differences between management nor divisions, nor inadequate preparation, nor wrong marketing.  They fail simply because market conditions have changed dramatically (an economic downturn, a sharp currency fluctuation, just to name a couple) and so the push for growth becomes a scramble for damage control and cutting losses.  B & C can provide honest opinions about the right timing and help with the ‘what if’ questions.