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About us

Mission Statement
Not all consultants are the same even if at a quick glance their services appear similar.  B & C Global Executive Counsel is a private advisory boutique big in the collective wisdom and experience of its team members.

B & C Global Executive Counsel is not like other consultancies and, in offering business, financial and wealth advisory services, does not try and fit clients and their needs into standard product models.

B & C recognizes that you, the owner/CEO/senior executive, know your business well and know that compared to other businesses it has unique differences and peculiarities  which are important to you.    But……….

“There exists only one person who is worse than a Wall Street financial analyst in predicting the company’s future earnings, and that’s the company’s CEO.”

Although we don’t believe that this old Wall Street saying is always true, unfortunately it is so more often than not.   There is no single reason for this but one possible explanation could be the lack of the right information and/or the possibility for the company’s senior management to digest the information correctly with the right perspective and in a timely manner.

B & C ’s team members, with their experience in managing international companies as well as managing financial assets, understand these type of problems well.

B & C Global Executive Counsel, LLC is the true results-based private advisory boutique providing The Appropriate Customised Solutions (TACS) not only relating to strategies for your specific business but also to your personal investments and wealth growth needs.